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Are you looking for things to do in Huntsville, Alabama?

EarlyWorks Museums in Huntsville, Alabama offers interactive experiences at EarlyWorks Children’s Museum, Alabama Constitution Hall Park, and Historic Depot Park.

Exhibits at EarlyWorks Children’s Museum

huntsville alabama earlyworks exhibits the M.O.S.H. pit

The M.O.S.H. Pit

The M.O.S.H. Pit (M.O.S.H is an abbreviation for Museum of Science and History) is a multi-purpose play/learn area. The M.O.S.H. Pit will host hands-on STEM activities that will change throughout the year.
earlyworks exhibits camellia's play cafe

Camellia’s Play Café

Camellia’s Play Café is the ultimate let’s pretend restaurant. Kids don the apron, explain the daily specials, take the guests’ orders, and then deliver a delicious “make-believe” meal to the table.
earlyworks exhibits kidstruction


Build, Build, Build…that’s only one of the activities kids will enjoy in KIDSTRUCTION. Kids can play dress up with our construction helmets and vests or dress up like a fireman or police officer…make your own adventure!
field trips in huntsville featured image - Biscuit's Backyard

Biscuit's Backyard

Biscuit’s Backyard is a space for preschool age children. Activities encourage fine motor skill development through building blocks, a water table and imaginative play.
earlyworks exhibits art walls for all

Art Walls for All

Calling all young Picassos and Monets…come color on our walls in the EarlyWorks Children’s Museum courthouse. The walls are covered with artwork from our favorite artists…KIDS! Grab a crayon and start creating a masterpiece.
earlyworks summer camp featured image earlyworks exhibits the tinker lab

The Tinker Lab

The Tinker Lab is a hands-on, science-inspired maker’s space inside EarlyWorks Children’s Museum, offering daily STEM activities. Each day the EarlyWorks Tinker Techs lead hands-on activities designed to introduce STEM concepts to young learners and their families. Visitors can also watch our 3D printers making all types of objects.
earlyworks children's museum exhibits creative corner

Creative Corner

Imaginations can run wild in the Creative Corner with our giant Lego-style blocks. Kids can build anything they dream up.
earlyworks children's museum exhibits light lab

Light Lab

Build imaginative structures with Magna-Tiles, translucent and colorful building blocks that glow from special light tables.
earlyworks children's museum exhibits talking tree

Magical Talking Tree

The talking tree tells of folk tales, Native American cultures, and famous African-American inventor George Washington Carver.
earlyworks children's museum exhibits keelboat

The Keelboat

Toss a coin in the “river” for good luck before setting sail on a historically-accurate keelboat much like the ones from the 19th Century.
earlyworks children's museum exhibits african american history

African-American History

Use your eyes to explore a beautiful mural of rich color and history before experimenting with musical instruments from different African cultures.
earlyworks children's museum exhibits toy takeover

Toy Takeover

Peek inside some popular toys! Explore linkages, cams, pulleys and circuits. Find out which mechanisms make toys move, and how!
earlyworks children's museum exhibits happy puppy salon

Happy Puppy Salon

Time to groom your favorite dog! We’ve got the tools and the dogs that need a new style.

Constitution Hall Park Exhibits

constitution hall park

Discover Where Alabama Became a State

Take a tour through the Cabinet shop that became the place where Delegates signed Alabama’s Constitution, and check out a hands-on demonstration of woodworking.
constitution hall park

Observe Survey Artifacts

See survey artifacts from John Coffee’s Land Surveying office and learn about John Coffee. John Coffee’s office is on the top floor of the Clay building.
constitution hall park

Explore a Working Blacksmith Shop

Catch a blacksmith working away in the fully functioning blacksmith shop. Learn about the tools blacksmiths use, and what items they were able to create.
constitution hall park

See a Working Printing Press

Check out the authentic Ramage printing press in the Boardman Complex and participate in a hands-on demonstration. Mr. Boardman printed Alabama’s Constitution.
constitution hall park featured image

Step into the Past in 1819

Explore the Neal House to see how people lived in 1819 and learn about the Neal Family. You might be surprised by what’s changed and what is still the same.
constitution hall park piper & leaf

Shop at the Park + Piper & Leaf

Don’t leave the Park empty-handed. Pick up a souvenir and gift for yourself or someone back home, or cool off with an iced tea from Piper + Leaf.