Accessibility at EarlyWorks Children’s Museum

Please be advised: During the months of October - December, there will be additional lights and sights as EarlyWorks Children's Museum is festively decorated.


Parking for EarlyWorks Children’s Museum is available through metered street parking and a paid parking garage on Fountain Circle (weekends and after 5:00pm is free). Handicap parking is available on the north side of the museum off Gates Ave.

Pre-purchase tickets:

Family Room:

The Camilla Room offers a family room in a quiet setting for nursing or over-stimulated children.

EarlyWorks Family of Museums is a proud member of the All-Access Inclusion Network (AAIN). The AAIN is led by Vanderbilt Kennedy Center’s Treatment and Research Institute for Autism Spectrum Disorders (TRIAD) and is a collaborative effort to create opportunities increased access and inclusion of neurodivergent individuals across the lifespan. For more information about the All-Access Inclusion Network, please visit

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